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November 14, 2000

Arrangd marriage in trouble

I am reaching out to all tose Iranian women to help me in a very hard legal battle which I have ahead of me with my husband who has simply thrown me out of the house.

I had one of those oversea's arrangd marriages, where my family thought it was better for me to be married to anybody rather than remaining in Iran and listening to constant negatvie talks behind me.

So, when a 60-year-old man, with previous unsuccesful marriages and number of children asked his auntie in Iran for a good girl, my parents agreed. They shipped me lere with substential "Jahizieh" thinking that it would have a very good impression on my husband and would save my family's face and pride.

Now I am litterally on the mercy of couple of educated and kind iranian women who are helping me. I need help from any woman who has gone through such a treatment or has heard of such cases.

Without substancial documented proof of similiar cases the court does not does not look favorably towards a short duration marriage.

I do not have any proof of bringing "jahizieh" (I brought US dollars as my husband instructed me and he did not declare anything at the costum). Now he does not want to give me even what I brought into this marriage.

I don't have much time as the trial date is comming up soon. Please help me with any information related to my situation.

A battered iranian woman


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