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October 17, 2000

Shah should be fully blamed

I believe you have misunderstood why we are all vomiting when we hear the Pahlavi name ["Requiem in Cairo"]. First of all we are all in full agreement with you that Khomeini and his fellow villager mollas, their families and cronies have utterly ruined our nation. However Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi is to be fully blamed for this calamity.

Firstly, the Shah was completely out of touch with "his" nation as he insisted on promoting a Western life style to a conservative Middle Eastern society. Secondly Iran was one the largest producers of oil on the planet, yet the country's infrastructure was similar to a backward African country.

The Shah spoke often about ranking Iran as a major industrial power like France and Britain, but we did not even have proper highways in and around our capital in order to accommodate the ever growing population. In the early seventies a great percentage of our country still did not have asphalt roads, running water, electricity and telephone service.

Meanwhile the Imperial Air Force had the most advanced jets, second only to the U.S air force. The Iran-Iraq war demonstrated just how effective those jets really were. I invite you to sometime visit Saudi Arabia in order to witness how their Royal family has built a modern country out of desert sand while keeping in tact their original values.

The troubles actually began when Reza Shah decided to put his bet on the Nazis. When he lost the bet, in effect the Pahlavi rule was done with. However the Pahlavis were lucky because the Allies decided to install Reza Shah's son as a mere puppet so that they could continue to exploit Iran's resources.

In the early fifties when the allies decided that their imperial puppet should be allowed to stand on his own two feet, the puppet ran away at the first sign of trouble simply because he did not wish to confront his own prime minister whom was being backed by the communists. The allies had to actually go back to Iran and re-install the puppet in order to prevent the Soviets from indirectly controlling Iran's massive oil reserves.

In 1963 the puppet was finally standing on his two feet, or so it seemed, when a molla named Khomeini started to poke fun at him in sermons and almost overthrew him, except for Alam who stood against Khomeini's thugs in the streets and saved the country.

In early 1978 when the riots began, Savak's third division advised the Shah that an upheaval was being organized by so-called Islamic committees taking directive from Khomeini.

Savak further advised him that these committees were actually consisted of 1,500 trouble makers who had to be arrested and detained in order to quash the riots. Savak even urged the Shah to make plans for free parliamentary elections in order to render to the masses the comfort of progress and keep them from joining the religious fanatics.

The Shah refused to listen to his own Savak advisors and in fact fired Mr. Sabeti, the head of the Savak's third division and exiled him to Europe. Instead he decided to appease the fanatics and their street thugs by betraying his most loyal servants as he ordered their arrest and incarceration.

When that did not work the Shah decided to use extreme force by opening fire on ordinary citizens at Jaleh Square. When that act proved to be the catalyst for the end of his rule, the Shah decided to run away for the last time with billions of dollars of our country's cash reserves, leaving "his" nation at the mercy of the ruthless fanatics.

Are you nauseated yet? If not please read Abbas Milani's "The Persian Sphinx".

Kambiz Ameli


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