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October 2, 2000

No Iranian concert -- for a while

My wife and I went to Ebi's concert in London last night - billed as "aasheghaaneh-tareen konsert-e saal". It was supposed to start at 8, after the doors opened at 7. It was not until 9.15 that Ebi and his band came on.

The venue was not right. A seated concert hall would have been better, but it was in one of London's bigger discoteques. We had managed to position ourselves upstairs in the balcony area overlooking the dance floor and stage.

Within 10 minutes there was fighting at the front of the crowd by the stage. The floor was jam packed (sineh-be-sineh). Ebi was saying "be jadetoon ghasam, ye nim metr berin aghab, aakheh man ghorboonetoon beram ..."

After an exchange of a lot of "mosht-o-lagad" from the "laat-o-loot" hamshahrees and the venue's security guards, couple of drunks were evicted.

Ebi sang for just 50 minutes and went for a "short" break. 40 minutes later he came back, but we could only stay for another 45 minutes until 11.30 as we had to pick up our daughter from the child-minder.

The child-minder, who is also Iranian, commented: "Oh yes there was fighting at Andy & Aghassi's concert too, something to do with Andy only doing a 45 minute set on stage."

As you can imagine we won't be going to an Iranian concert for a while.

Farhad Nikkhah


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