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October 6, 2000

Clinton-Gore's demonization of Iranians

I totally disagree with your position of separating the current (Clinton-Gore) administration's demonization and denigration of Iran and its nationals (past or present) from the upcoming election ["Go Gore"]. These actions have had a strong bearing on the daily life of Iranians living around the world. Surely one cannot ignore the Clinton-Gore administration's 7-plus years of draconian demonization of the Iran and Iranians. The constant, unprecedented negative portrayal of Iranians by this administration, only sustains and enhances American's view of Iranians and colors their interaction with them.

Shouldn't this administration answer for these past years and not take for granted the Iranian community's support for reelection? Iranians living in this country should stand up and ask why our relatives, athletes, thinkers, artists, etc., who come to visit are treated like criminals. The fingerprinting of an 80-year-old woman visiting grandchildren, or a director winning international awards for his work, cannot be a positive action to any rational person. This constant humiliation did not happen prior to the Clinton-Gore administration.

I am not saying Gore, Bush, Nader, or anyone else is the best candidate. Each person needs to decide that. However, please consider all aspects of your life. Be they the past and present portrayal of Iran and it's nationals, illegal actions against Iranians purely because of their bloodline, etc. Living in the United States should not put blinders on us. Can one truly say, even if one is financially prospering in the United States, that the current administration's actions have been good for Iran and Iranians as a whole?

All political parties should take notice and realize that Iranians living in this country are a force to be reckoned with, not taken for granted. Our clout is formidable considering our overall wealth, education, etc. We need to start using it in a united front. Living in one country, even if you have become its citizen, does not negate ties to the past.

Think about it, please.

Masoud Neshat


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