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October 30, 2000

I was a hostage in Tehran

You do not know me but, I am certain that you will know my name and the small part I played back in 1979 as I was one of the 52 Americans held as hostage by your nation. After eighteen years my thoughts are still about the situation that we faced back then. Scared out of our wits, not sure if we would live or die, and wondering why Iran had done such a terrible thing.

To this day I do not understand what was the gain by it all. Why does Iran hate us so? If I could change just one of your citizens mind about us, I would find some hapiness for having given up 444 days of my life.

Someday I would like to return to Iran for I never hated you, your nation, your people or your culture. We live on a small world that needs to be at peace with each other. Forgive me for whatever it was I did to your people as I have forgiven you Iran.

Let's begin again to heal the differences between us.

William E. Belk


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