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October 30, 2000

Misguided pseudo-intellectualism

This is a response to Mr. Hoveyda's recent commentary about an incident in 1957 ["Curbing men"]. Mr. Hoveyda makes the proposition that one man's idiotic notions of male superiority has to do with his religious faith. He claims that "The general was probably a practicing Muslim."

Mr. Hoveyda, "probably" is not good enough. You draw such a grand and substantial conclusion by reading a piece of an article in some foreign journal in 1957. What wisdom and foresight you must posses! There are very few people in the world that can genuinely conclude that all things stupefying could be examined in terms of a person's faith.

Had we enjoyed Mr. Hoveyda's talents and wisdom in social commentary, we as a nation, and the Pahlavis as monarchs, could have alerted of the wrath which was coming. It so appears that Mr. Hoveyda was very much absent during a turbulent time that saw the demise of the Pahlavis; what sorrow and what loss!

Mr. Hoveyda then continues to enlighten us about what the west has to offer in terms of "curbing sexual appetite of men"... he must apparently be totally ignorant of the rape statistics in the west. What lesson should we learn from this article: an old man, who once as a person of power and influence, chose to ignore and silence his country men's hopes and aspirations for equality and recognition in the world.

Shame on such person who belittles what his country and Iranians have to offer to the world and instead chooses to rub into our faces his misguided pseudo-intellectual prowess. In a sense, it is inevitable that corrupt men like Mr. Hoveyda should resurface from time to time and enlighten us of their past deeds and misconduct and still have the audacity to give us a lesson in proper conduct.

Rasoul Hajikhani


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