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October 27, 2000

Too much narrow-mindedness

I wish one day people around the world could realize that it is not our differences that seperate us from each other -- it is our unwillingness to accept each others' views of the world in which we live.

These days people talk endlessly about conflicts around the globe where one group is being exploited for the benifit of another, but no one stops to realize that everyone is just exploiting the situation for their own gain.

Palestinians and their children throw themselves into crossfires with Israeli soldiers hoping that their martyrdom and sacrifice may becaptured on TV and may cause people around the world to join their cause ["More powerful force", "Crooked wall"].

The Israeli government proded by the US continues to hold on to a land which they claim was promised to them by their God, disregarding any claims which the previous tenants may have to the land.

Iranians in the United States write emails to newsgroups in hopes that a great change will some day come about and that as a result of this change they will one day be able to go back to the country of their birth.

So many individuals... so many worldviews... and too much narrow-mindedness. God put us all on this planet and made us different from each other in order that we may get to know one another and learn to love our differences, not despise them.

Whatever the situation may be for you at this moment, I beg you all to take a step back and try to feel what life is like for your "enemy". I'm not asking for peace... all I'm asking for is empathy -- empathy for your fellow human beings... have we forgotten what that is?

Kambiz Hamadani


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