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October 12, 2000

Near boiling point

Thank you for your article ["Meeting Faezeh"]. Since you have the opportunity to closely communicate as a friend with Faezeh Khanoom Rafsanjani, please be so kind to relay to her the following realities and indeed the final opportunities which lies ahead for her father.

This year clearly marks Mr. Rafsanjani's last golden opportunity to allow democracy to fully bloom by convincing the ruling clergy to unconditionally release the country to the democraticly-elected president and parliment in harmony with a neutral and just judiciary branch.

The position of vali-ye faghih must be converted to a mere advisor and elder stateman. If this does not happen in the near future, the Iranian people will rise in a bloody upheaval. By then the fate of Mr. Rafsanjani, Mr. Khamenei and the ruling clergy will be far worse than that of the late Shah and his cronies.

Presently Mr. Rafsanjani enjoys real power and influence to foster the swift transformation to full democracy and by doing so he will go down in history as such. Imagine such exhalted station in the annals or our country's history.

If, however, he makes the same tragic error in judgement as the late Shah made by insisting on an absolute rule, he will be remembered by history as the true leader of the hijackers of the revolution and the true enemy of progress in Iran. Indeed the water is near boiling point.

Kambiz Ameli


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