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September 11, 2000

Want to throw up

I have an unusual habit of becoming physically affected by emotional and intellectual confinements and restraints. Every time, I find myself trapped in situations where everything about the situation is against my beliefs, emotions and my whole being, I start to sweat and itch and want to throw up.

Unfortunately that's how I felt when I read "Requiem in Cairo". it's not about the late Shah or Farah or Reza Pahlavi. I have no quorums with them. My problem is with a 37-year-old who feels so emotional about someone and some event so irrelavant to him. My only conclusion is that this is a sign of him being brainwashed by a close member of his family.

The only people who still praise the Shah and his family are the ex-generals and ministers and family members who basically lost everything they had emotionally and physically when they lost their position. I would understand their sentiments and would have no problem with them explaining their emotions and feelings. But a 37-year-old, Western-educated person would have to have come from some kind of a mental and intellectual prison, or private camp, to have these feelings about the 20th anniversary of the Shah's death.

It's amazing to compare the kinds of things that our people in Iran are faced with along with their reactions and the kinds of things we see from others outside the country. We came out to escape the horror and remain sane but it seems like we are the ones that lost it all. It's a shame.

Bardia Saeedi


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