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September 18, 2000

Most undeserving monarch

I happen to be a strong opponent of the evil regime which is now ruling our land. However I fervently believe that the Pahlavis are the main cause of the calamities which has gripped Iran today ["Requiem in Cairo"].

The late shah was the most undeserving monarch to ever sit on the Peacock Throne. Underneath his public grandeur he was a frightened and weak individual who on several occasions packed his bags and abandoned his land at the first sign of a storm. Indeed he should have never been allowed to return the first time he fled in 1953.

In early 1978 he had every chance to convert Iran into a democracy. But both he and Farah kept pressing for one party system and refused to defuse the upheaval. In order to quiet down the gangs of street thugs they decided to betray and incarcerate their most trusted servants. Then finally upon the orders of a second class American Air Force General they packed for the final time and fled with billions of dollars.

Do they really believe that Farah would dare return to a public life in Iran? Can Reza ever dare to believe that the young generation would allow an uneducated, inexperienced son on Mohammad Reza to ever call himself monarch?

While they are living in the lap of luxury, Iran's next generation of revolutionaries are sitting in Evin waiting for their turn. They are not much but they have stood against tyranny and have jeopardized their lives and health for progress and democracy. They are indeed the people's true objects of desire and affection.

If you ever have the chance to speak to Mr. Reza Pahlavi, please advise him that today real power is TAKEN NOT GIVEN OR BOUGHT. Alas their fate shall follow the deposed dynasties of Italy, Greece and Afghanistan.

Kambiz Ameli


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