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September 13, 2000

Under veil of praise

I wish to commend you for "resisting temptation" to undergo a lengthy legal battle over googoosh.com which you most certainly would have, at great expense, lost.

Mr. Golbabai apparently is an uninformed "telecom marketing consultant" who does not spend enough time on the Net and particularly on your marvelous site. If he did he would recall the news item The Iranian Times reported regarding the legal precedent set over the control/ownership of JimiHendrix.com. As reported, the estate of Jimi Hendrix successfully sued the creators of JimiHendrix.com and were awarded legal exclusivity to the Web site Jimi Hendricks.com.

To me Mr. Golbabai's condescending message is, "Hey fool, you had the chance to make a buck and you blew it!" when in fact he is the fool for sending such a message.

Originators of googoosh.com are to some degree responsible for her current success, having helped to keep this cultural icon alive for her fans through. This pure (and I assume), unsolicited and voluntary devotion should be positively acknowledged by the readership of The Iranian (and Googoosh herself...?) and not allowed to be diminished by the ignorant who mock under the veil of praise.

Omar Iam


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