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September 8, 2000

Why are we so rude?

Regarding the article "Qaziyeh-ye nejad" by Mohandes: I have so many questions but I can't come up with any answers! I just want to know why we think that we are the best, and nobody is like us? Why are we proud of what happened 3,000 years ago, while we have nothing now?! I mean just look at us now! What happened to that huge empire? And what are we now?! If we are the best, and the rest of the world is nothing, how come we are all refugees in America, Europe...? Has anyone ever thought of this? The pride we have for 3,000 year old things has made us so blind that we can't see our present situation or think about our future.

The article mentioned something very FUNNY, that Iranians who have dark eyes and dark hair are mixed with Arabs and are not true Persians! Now that one is the joke of the day! First of all those people are very beautiful. Ssecond of all, if we were actually so BIORZEH and DASTOPAACHOLOFTI that anyone could attack our beautiful country, then we really should not be nagging and complaining!

We believe we are THE ONE AND ONLY BEST NATION! But yet we make fun of each other! We do not like Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Blacks, Hispanics, Germans, Americans... In fact we do not like anyone. We even make fun of other religions and nations in our own country! this is ridiculous!

Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by ignorance . Let me tell you a story that happened recently. Every thing was going great at this international dance party at our school. I can tell you that about half the people were non-Iranians. Towards the end of the party, SOME WELL-EDUCATED PERSIAN got drunk and started beating up some of the Arab kids who go to our school, and asked them to leave the IRANIAN INTERNATIONAL PARTY! The next day everybody was disgusted by us!

I have gone to some Arab and Turkish parties; they are so warm and nice, they get so happy to see foreigner who are interested in their culture and music, UNLIKE US! Why are we like this?

There was also a gathering about Iran at Harvard University last year that was sponsored by some Iranians and Americans who majored in Iranian culture. Some POOR AMERICAN GIRL was in a very pretty and colorful Kurdish outfit, and she was going to dance for the crowd. But the minute she walked in, everybody started to make fun of her. They told her she should not try to look like BEAUTIFUL IRANIAN GIRLS BECAUSE SHE CAN NEVER BE ONE! She cried and left! And some old lady said: Thank god that she left! We have nicer and prettier girls!

Sometimes I wonder why some Americans are so rude toward us! But then I realize we are not any better toward them! I hate to say this, but some of us are very selfish, and DAMAGHBAALAA! Most of us don't even approve if an Iranian goes out or gest married to a non-Iranian. I believe our unkind behavior toward others is the reason why some people don't like us.

When I worked at a book store, every time I had an Iranian customer, the minute they found out I was Iranian they were nice and talkative. Other than that, most of them did not even say thank you, or even a lsimple hello! I have never been this confused in my life and this issue of race is something that is been getting more confusing to me ever since I left Iran.

Maybe we should solve our own current problems rather than be proud of something that happened 3,000 years ago.

Sara S.


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