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September 27 2000

Tackle your resentments

In response to "Okay, I'm a racist", I must agree with dAyi Hamid on the fact that most of us don't like Arabs. I myself have never liked Arabs. I don't now, nor will I ever. However, I don't hate them to the point where I'd like to nuke every single Arab country. Iranians are quite hot-blooded to begin with and it's not uncommon to find that 1,400 years of hate being revived after reading some Persian history.

In all honesty most of us do feel a tad bit of resentment towards these descendants of nomads. I don't care how many lectures I get about opening my mind and not being ignorant and how the whole deal is so childish and chauvinistic and out of date.

You tell me how you feel about Arabs when you're behind closed doors and around those with whom you confide. I'd like to hear how you speak of them when there aren't any other Persians around for you to try to show off your enlightenment to.

I'm speaking of that little smurk that you get in your voice every time you utter phrases like "yaaroo Arab-e" or "injaa poreh Arab-e". Yes, simple things, but nevertheless outlets for YOU.

Now hate me as you may. I really don't give a damn. Not to feel obligated to explain myself or anything, but the main reason why I still don't like Arabs is because every single one I've conversed with tries to completely justify the actions of their filthy ancestors by giving me a load of crap about the glory of Islam and how lucky we should feel that we were BLESSED with the gift of Islam. Really? Seems more like a bunch of horny Arabs lusting after some fresh "loot" to me.

Anyway, if I were to speak with an intelligent Arab who acutally did disagree with the whole conquest without giving me all that garbage about the glory of Islam and how lucky Persians were to have such a holy predicament befall them, I may even reverse my anger towards them all.

So don't be a damn hypocrite and pretend nothing's bothering you. Pinpoint the emotional hangup and tackle it with some intense conversations with the subjects of your resentment. And if you feel like it takes more than just conversations to settle your disputes, by all means be my guest. Just don't call me from the county house and don't get your ass kicked.



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