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September 28, 2000

Try Prozac

After reading "Okay, I'm a racist" and looking at Mr. dAyi Hamid picture for a few minutes, I really had a hard time accepting a person with such facial characteristics AND I tried hard to stop laughing.

dAyi Hamid says he is a "racist" toward Arabs and other nationalities! It is regrettable to see such a "idiomatic mentality" sill exists, at least the Iranian version of it. Maybe Mr. dAyi Hamid does not know, but Iran without Khuzestan, where a good number of them are Arabs, could have never survived in the current economic situation.

And, how can anyone even say such crazy things about a place and its people? No wonder, a lot of Iranian Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Sistani and others, have some bitterness. It is because of people like Mr. dAyi Hamid who without knowing their country's social formation, throw up garbage from their mouth! AND honestly, I don't blame them for their resentments toward people like Mr. dAyi Hamid!

My intention was not to write and attack Mr. dAyi Hamid and his uneducated and poor argument. But, the truth is that the temptations were there. I wanted to write and try, and maybe enlighten some people about racism. Many, including myself, believe that the root of racism in a person is in his/her economic situation. If we look closely at racist people, or what Americans refer to as "white trash". They usually are people with low income and education levels, low self-esteem, low family up bringing, low self-confidence and narrow mindedness, among the other problems.

Now, racist Iranians should not be any different than American "white trash"! They are usually suffering from the same mental problems and illnesses as their American brothers and sisters! The odd thing is that Iranian racists ALWAYS try to hide behind somthing! But, they don't know that it won't work anymore, you can not cure or hide your psychological sickness with Aryan garbage, poor Ferdosi or others!

The problem is, racist people, like Mr. dAyi Hamid, can not comprehend their own history, culture, literature or country. Iranian racists attack Kurds, and the funny thing is many German racists say that Kurds are among the purest "Arayans" in Iran......they can't even keep their own story straight! They want to use anything and everything to further their racist argument! Just like what Hitler did during WW2, when he tried to use the Bible to further his racist propaganda. The irony is, he was a half Jew who hated Jewish people and others!

Last but not least, I would like to add that MAYBE, just may be, Prozac can help Mr. dAyi Hamid and people like him!

Daniel Zang


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