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February 27, 2001

Destrying Shamlu

Mr Nooriala it is obvious that you have no talent in poetry and frankly your poem sucked ["Baar-e digar, Bahman"]! Although I have to admit it is not any of my business to ask you to quit poetry at once but I strongly forbid you from DESTROYING (I couldn't find a stronger polite word) SHAMLU's poem. for god's sake keep your hands off of his poems. I'm not being rude or anything I'm simply telling the truth.

The Shamlu poem I am referring to is KHATAABEYE TADFIN (or kaashefaan-e forootan-e shokaraan). I'm also sending you a copy of the poem as an attachment. Compare specially Shamlu's poem with this part of Mr Nooriala's poem: "aasheghaan-e shakibaay-e aazaadi , monkeraane mosamame edaam" to the end:



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