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January 24, 2001

Write more often

I have always read dAyi Hamid's articles and enjoyed them since they all have some grains of truth in them. But this most recent one ["Man naboodam dastam bood..."] beautifully describes the irony that ALL Iranians are facing today.

The solution is to have articles like this more often written and circulated to EVERY IRANIAN in the world and make them think a little bit about their predicament today and learn to be RESPONSIBLE for their messy situation they are in and do not complain about others.

Is there any way you could send this article to more places on the net. I think is a good place. They normally post good articles which are related to culture and politics. Try it there, the audience there is very large and I think every Iranian should read your beautiful article (tanz).

Who knows you may start writing like Behzad Nabavi! But please do not get involved in politics! Just stick with exposing this messy culture we have.

Amoo Ali


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