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January 23, 2001

Googoosh product of Shah era

What is certain is that we all love Googoosh for her charisma and what she represented and still represents today. I have fond memories of her as a child and teenager when I used to watch her on TV. My parents even had the oppurtunity to see her in Shiraz in the mid-seventies.

The only thing that really bothers me are rumors that circulate around a so-called harrassment on Googoosh by family members or the entourage of the Shah ( this has been quoted in the press notably the American and British media). If this is true it is certainly sad and despisable, but if this is just a way to conciliate Iranians beyond their political opinions around Googoosh's undeniable talent, I really think she, or her managers don't need to use such cheap arguments.

For me Googoosh is a "product" of the Shah's era (and I don't think I am being unrespectful when I claim this) as many artists of that time she was totally eclipsed for more than 20 years, and I just hope that as much as her undeniable talent has surfaced, after 20 years of exile that the truth will also surface, concerning her life before and after the revolution.

It is unfortunate that our compatriots have such a short memory of the events that took place in Iran, back in 1979, especially those of us who were forced into exile. I am neither a monarchist activist , nor a republican activist, and never was. I was much too young when the event took place to have been able to analyse or have an opinion. Like everyone I wish that Iran will find it's dignity and freedom after 20 years of cultural, political and human oppression!

However I resent this national tendancy of those Iranians who are ready to change their shirts once a storm hits them. In the late 1980's Reza Pahlavi, the heir to the Peacock Thrown, had given a speech in front of ten or fifteen thousand of Californian Iranians speaking of reconciliation and the urge to unite the people against the Islamic Republic. Everyone cheered him and recognized his devotion and sincerity, all the more as he has not necessarily urged for a return of the monarchy to Iran, but of democracy.

I wish that all those Tehran-geles or Iran-geles people who have endured the harships of exile as many other compatriots won't forget who they are and where they come from. In anycase I wish our national singing icon all the best for her second career, and a happier personal life than the one she had to endure like many of us. Googoosh, keep illuminating us with your talent.

Darius Kadivar


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