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January 8, 2001


Under the "Iranian of the Day" index, I noticed the picture of T.J. Houshmandzadeh who happens to be a wide receiver for the Oregon State University Beavers varsity football team. This guys is supposedly an African-American-Iranian, but there is no information on his name, his family background, his ethnicity, his parents ethnicity (his mother has an American name) and whether he is Iranian.

I have been debating with some of my friends on whether he really is Iranian or not. My friends say his picture shows no characteristics of an individual who is even partially-Iranian looking. Perhaps, he was a Black American who had a step-dad who was Iranian, and that's how he got his name. Or maybe one of the nurses in the hospital where he was born made a mistake in the delivery room and sent his mother the wrong baby.

I personally think maybe his father or grandfather was Iranian, or part-Iranian, because he must have gotten that name from somewhere. Does anyone have any other information about this dude?

Adnaan Sheikh


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