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January 23, 2001

Weeding out the weak

Babak, brother you are a warrior at heart ["Hell no"]. To retain your love and loyalty to a land and people whom you've seen endure so much suffering through the years conveys your character. A warheart courage to live and die for Iran persisting through years signifies an undying dignity.

I understand your objection toward those who do not have the strength to prevent the faltering of their Iranian identity. But that's not such a bad thing you understand, for we need this "weeding out the weak" process in order to ultimately advance and strengthen our nation. We want them to deny their heritage. Because if they don't have the strength to love nor to stay loyal, they are of no value. In fact they may be detrimental to the future of Iran. They belong AWAY from Iran.

Our country as well as our culture is at a very vulnerable stage. Things are changing rapidly and violently. There is only room for the strong. There are components of our culture, which do need improvement. The revolution happened because of this need. Iranians became dispersed throughout the world because of this need. A filtering process was necessary. There are things that we MUST learn from other cultures so to enhance our way of life and improve the meaning that follows the word "IROONI".

However, there is also millennia of knowledge and cultivation that follow that word and those who refuse to pay homage to this are better off denying their identity. We don't want to be associated with them. Let them disappear into the new voids, which they've discovered. The fact that they do not acknowledge their Iranian nationality conveys a lack of strength to doing so. It is necessary for us to let them be tossed to oblivion.

As I mentioned before, Iran is changing and the people need our help. Every single Iranian, whether in or out of Iran has a part to play. Those who deny being Iranian have already played their part. They do not belong. We do not need them. We not want them. Let them be cast aside.



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