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January 19, 2001

Wings of the same chicken

Khatami after three years in office is a living proof of an argument which supports the notion that Islamist reformer and conservative Islamist hard liner fundamentally, politically, culturally, and in most case socially are the two right wings of the same chicken ["What rule of law?"].

Question here is not the denial of women's rights to enlist in the military; in fact women in the military have proven to be as aggressive, oppressive, and violent as men if not more, but the policy shows militarism's nature of intervention. So clearly it is Islam that is the source of human rights violations not different factions of Islamists.

Like all religions, Islamic ideology and belief systems are oppressive, plunder and enslave very basic human rights, promote racism and slavery. The Roman Catholic Italians have a term for parochialism of their peasantry: "campanilismo" translated to "rule of the bell." One's loyalty extended as far as one could hear the "campanile," the village church bell or Islamic azaan, beyond that territory, you better watch out "no good people."

Why did Mohammad's army attack other tribes and civilizations? More likely, to gain access to a profitable workforce and superexploit their labor and land.. Nowadays, capitalist ways of living well off the labor of others, exploiting immigrant labor are Dark Age tactics.

Abbas Poursadigh
Denver, Colorado


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