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January 10, 2001

No bleeps

Congratulations to you for printing the letter by "Unlimited Madness". It shows that you are not afraid to print four-letter words that in other media such as broadcasting would have been "bleeped" out.

But more than the content of this letter I was fascinated by the pseudonym of it's author. Unlimited Madness is obviously a contradiction in terms. For madness can not have limits.

There are of course different levels of madness. You can be a little mad or you can be very mad. But madness in itself has no limit. It is like saying unlimited anger, or better yet unlimited sadness. There is no limit to some people's anger nor is there limit to the sadness by which one can witness the state of life in this world.

Perhaps the author means that in the eyes of the like of your publication and people who read it he/she is very very mad. But that of course means that the author is not mad at all and it is The Iranian Times that is a purveyor of an "American" type of madness.

We are therefore puzzled by this pseudonym. Is the author accepting the label by which "corrupt" Westernized Iranians would call him? Or is he saying that only a mad mind would use such expletives on an internet news magazine that may be read by many younger Iranians that can not read Farsi and their only connection to their greater community is through websites such as The Iranian Times. Madness truly has no limits.

Farzan Navab


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