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January 26, 2001

One more wake-up call

FLASH -- Now the Russians are poised to sell the Mollas $7 billion in weapons.

FLASH-- The political / economic scene in Iran has become so ludicrous that even the "Young Shah" has emerged from the basement disco-bunker he has lived in for the past 20 years to declare a return to the monarchy as the road to democracy and prosperity for Iran ["Citizen Pahlavi"].

HELLO WASHINGTON... IS ANYBODY OUT THERE??? Okay. Let's recap where we are today.

* Big economic slowdown in the U.S. including energy crisis in California which may domino into other states...

* Mollas about to spend $7 billion on weapons with grinning former American arch-enemy -- Russia.

* No political solution to the Iranian public's expressed dream of democracy and economic improvement after failure of the latest popularly-elected wolf-in-sheep's clothing.

* Situation so bad the monarch-wannabe comes out of hiding.

* Eeuropean, Asian and Russian businesses laughing while Americans continue sanctions (against WHO?? themselves??) and they sign billion-dollar contracts with Iran which keep their people working and economies growing.

Washington, let's do something right. Let's drop the sanctions, sign contracts with Iran, export products, expertise and hey, GUESS WHAT, business ethics and democratic ideals.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let's overwhelm (overthrow) the mollas with American technical, business and political expertise while positively affecting the economy and, through this process, promoting the evolution of democracy in Iran. Seven billion dollars would buy a lot of American engineering / procurement / construction and a lot of democracy in Iran.

Amoo Sam


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