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January 31, 2001

Dream on!

I can not believe all the talk about monarchy again ["What future"]. All this talk just because Mr. Pahlavi and friends decided this is a good time to start talking about it again.

The only thing that has changed from, let's say six months ago, is that we have a new administration in the U.S. and Iran is going through yet another political phase. This I believe is a very opportune time to talk about alternatives, but why such superficial ones? Why talk about history in such superficial way?

Everyone agrees that we should learn from history. Iranians have struggled so much in this past twenty years to learn from their mistakes. Now we are saying go back to the monarchy again? And yes, we obviously have to say it will be a democratic one. Dream on!

Let's see. Reza Pahlavi was probably 17 or 18 when he left Iran. Since then he has been playing soccer, going to nightclubs or busy with personal family matters. None of it demeaning for an average person. But for a future ruler? What has he done in the past 22 years with all the money and power that he has ?

Come on! You can't wake up one day and decide that today I want to be king again. I guess I am wrong. You can.

Bardia Saeedi


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