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January 31, 2001

Need a leader

The problem with all of us Iranians today is that we don't like to agree with one another. We know that we need a leader and that's really the only way to end the contagious perplexity that's spreading among our community. Yet, we can not get it together and forget about the bullshit criticisms ["Citizen Pahlavi"].

This is no time to evaluate a former prince who's father made a few political gurus unhappy. Yes, the Savak tortured citizens and many unfortunate crimes were done at their hands. However, Amnesty International and other civil rights organizations around the world did jump in the middle. Prisons were remodeled, guards changed and torture was banned. Which is a hell of a lot more than what I can say for those presently in power.

I think that any Iranian who is either in support or against citizen Pahlavi, should ask him/herself a few questions:

1.) Does he love Iran?

2.) Does he have respect for basic human civil rights?

3.) Do I have any better ideas?

4.) Are Iranians really ready for a fully democratic system?

Iran under his father was headed toward further improvement. But let's forget about all of that and look to a new future with a new leader, whoever he/she may be. Either way, citizen Pahlavi's role in the future of Iranian politics is a pivotal one.



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