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January 29, 2001

Don't ignore the message

The opinion you have expressed in ""Citizen Pahlavi" completely ignores the message, which was delivered by Reza Pahlavi. Instead you have focused on the cons of monarchy, which in all honesty is not the issue at this point in time.

The message, which was delivered, is plain and simple: Unity and support for a national referendum to determine "the nature and fate of a future system of government in Iran''.

It is not the first time that it has been voiced and Reza Pahlavi is not the only individual to have enunciated it. This message has been articulated time and again both inside and outside of Iran.

Furthermore Reza Pahlavi has emphasized that he is not promoting a political end; i.e. monarchy, but rather a process: secularism, freedom, democracy and self-determination. He has stated, "In all honesty, I consider myself the winner either way," as long as the public chooses against the current system. After all, this is up to the "people's will".

And for that matter, no individual can specify what that "will" is until it is voiced in a free and fair national referundum within a secure and non-violent atmosphere . I urge you to heed the message though you may not appreciate the messenger.

Nazenin Ansari


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