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January 8, 2001

So naive

It is indeed tragic that some of our people are so naive. They allow themselves to be brainwashed by the American propaganda monster machine ["Time to take responsibility"].

The U.S. government is by far the biggestt state-sponsor of terrorism in the world. Of course, they don't use the "T" word for their activities. Instead, they call it "covert operations". In other countries, such as Israel, they don't use the nasty "T" word either. They call their terrorist activities "assassination". Iranians are probably involvesd in terrorist activities too, but they are too dumb to do it as professionally as the Americans.

Sir, our athletes, scholars, and many honorable Iranians who refuse to be humiliated in American airports and return home have saved their dignity, not you with your smile.

Be aware that next time you enter the U.S. your smile may prompt customs officials to do a rectal search on you -- in addition to fingerprinting. Maybe then you will feel their barbaric insults.

Nazer Nazeri


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