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January 16, 2001

Missing the point

Being searched at the airports is very humiliating but I think most of us are missing the point Mr. Mirfenderesky is making ["Complain to..."]. I do not think he is happy about being humiliated either. From what I understand from his letter, he is just stating that these searches and fingerprinting are not illegal. He certainly is not supporting them.

Believe me, I have been humiliated both here and in Europe when I traveled with Iranian passport. It is not a good feeling to see how terrible other countries treat us simply because we are Iranian. But collective punishment is a reality in this world even though it is not fair. "There is a way it ought to be and there is a way it is."

Finally, I hope some of you are not going to accuse me of siding with enemy like you did to Mr. Mirfendersky. I also do not think you can compare him for stating his mind with members of that group who actually joined and helped our enemy.

Max Rofougar


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