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January 2, 2001

Embrace all humankind

Regarding intolerance, first I think it is important, at least for the sake of future generations, to realize that globalization is inevitable. We are headed in that direction, at least as long as there exists places like America. And let's not forget the original vision in creating this 'America', which was to embrace all peoples and create a melting pot from which every individual is allowed an opportunity to freedom of expression and prosperity.

Of course dreams such as this are not without error or insubordination; however, anyone who comes to America should be aware of this 'concept' and try a little harder to make the effort to exist with and understand those who are different from their 'own kind' so to speak.

I do believe at some point, whether or not one agrees, that we as a people should evolve into more consciously mature persons and embrace all humankind as a whole instead of seperating ourselves into categories, no matter what our 'race' or 'religion'. The most auspicious personalities in history have embodied compassion toward all mankind.

This issue of intolerance seems to me an immature way of finding value and strength in ourselves as a 'group' when we should first find that value and strength within ourselves.

Regarding the subject of 'hypocrisy', isn't it easy to offer criticism but difficult to accept? Being objective upon ourselves is, in all aspects, the most challenging of efforts one can apply toward themselves.

Meanwhile I offer this perspective: If we look within our own smaller social circles as examples, we might find that the way we tend to matters within these mini-societies parallel our actions on a much larger, universal scale.



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