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March 5, 2001

Eminem: Artistic expression

I liked your article and I like Eminem ["Here & there"]. In response to my best friend's comment who said she hopes her daughter will never be exposed to anyone like Eminem, I said this: I know what you mean about his lyrics, but no matter what, he is very talented and his choice of words are just an artistic expression. His words are not any worse than the high action pact movies that are out there that everyone loves, it's only in a form of music.

Anyway, the only reason I am defending him is because I see him as an artist. I am an artist and having studied art and been exposed to it all my life, I consider Eminem only as a talented artist no matter what his medium.

If my kids ever do listen to him or someone like him, I hope they don't take it literally, and that I will know about it to give them the right guidance that they need -- I hope!

It's not for everyone; just depends how you look at it. But I totally understand what you mean. It took me a while, but after the shock, I did find it just entertaining. I certainly don't believe in the sick things he is talking about.

It's too bad that in Iran there is so much censorship, it's just ridiculous.

Iran Javid Fulton


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