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March 14, 2001

Farhad seriously ill

Farhad Mehrad, better known as Farhad, is seriously ill with hepatitis C. He is 58. His most likely course of treatment is believed to be a liver transplant, a very expensive operation.

Farhad is very private person, and it is only because of the severity of his condition that his wife, Pouran, has agreed that his case can be publicised. The hope is that those who have heard and loved his songs, and perhaps the Iranian authorities, would do something to save his life.

For further information, you can contact Ms Farideh Rahnema, an Iranian musician and close friend of Farhad. Her number in Tehran: 271 8084

You can also contact:

* Dr Mohammad-Reza Shafii-Kadkani (in Iran), whose poem "Kouche Banafsheh ha" has recently been put to music by Farhad,

* Mr Shahyar Ghanbari (in the US), who wrote the words for some of Farhad's most popular songs,

* Mr Esfandyar Monfared-zadeh, who composed the music for many of Farhad's songs.



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