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March 15, 2001

What's the point?

I have recently started browsing and reading the articles. Through them I have discovered the new attitudes, thoughts and opinions of my community. I have, however, been saddened more than once by the contents.

To me being Iranian means pride above all. Being Iranian gives me pride through its powerful history. I am proud of its rich and persistent culture. Most of all, I am proud of the inextinguishable form of passion that is associated with being an Iranian.

Sadly, I feel we have gotten so far from our enlightened and rich past that we will never find our way back. When did we choose the wrong path? How did we ever get so lost? When did we start thinking it was appropriate to sell Mossadegh T-shirts? Where did that legendary respect disappear?

Why do you allow a man as intolerably arrogant, excruciatingly chauvinistic and obviously unintelligent as Ashkan Mosadegh publicly express his opinions about his good wife being good because she was "hundred percent submissive" ["Love at first click"]?

And what was the point of publishing the article entitled "Khanoom Doctor"? I am a female Iranian physician and am insulted by the author's attempt at humor. Iranian men do nothing but harm their stereotypical reputation by writing in this fashion.

What is sadder, but probably truer, is that the above articles reveal the deep intimidation felt by Iranian men towards successful and intelligent Iranian women.

I do not think it is the responsibility of media to determine attitudes, but I do not think it would be wrong for you to set high standards for our community. We are after all Iranians. And I am still proud to be one, despite what I have read recently.

Maryam Tehrani


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