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March 26, 2001

Googoosh music not Iranian

I liked your article very much. It was quite well-balanced and entertaining ["Houston, we have a diva!"]. However, being a musician myself, I think one thing should be added to all this Googooshmania. The lyrics are Iranian, but the music is not.

Moreover, this type of music is prevalent throughout the third world countries, each having their own Googoosh, from the Philippines to, even, Jordan. These divas are part the expansion of the markets throughout the world together with Madonna, McDonalds, Coke, and blue jeans.

I attended the concert in Washington, out of curiosity. It was a last minute invitation by a relative. I do not have any quarrel with this music, because it is pop music for the laymen who do not have the sense and taste for higher caliber songs and melodies. It is, as Khomeni once said correctly, for the "Melat-e hamisheh dar sahneh."

My main point is that, these folks, i.e., the Iranian pop singers, at least should learn how to support their own music, which dates back some 2000-3000 years to Barbad and Nakisa, and is suffering from lack of knowledge among our masses. As the saying goes, ignorance is a bliss.

Nader Majd
Center for Persian Classical Music


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