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March 15, 2001

Content over form

I couldn't agree with more ["Shah or president?"]. Once again you've hit the nail right on the head and I find myself in the fortunate position of having a partner in politics.

Especially when you say: "The real problem facing Iran is not choosing between monarchy or republic. The problem is how to reject theocracy and backwardness." That just brings tears to my eyes, because for the past 20 years I have been saying the same thing and begging the all-so-important- figures in the opposition in my town to not make themselves so preoccupied with form at the cost of forgetting content.

I also hear your pleas loud and clear when you "preach unity among the opposition abroad". I believe that once this opposition rises above factional disputes and gets its act together, then it needs to seriously consider building a bridge to the opposition inside the country (of course, in the long run) and attempt to unite all opposition to the regime.

This I believe is possible (albeit not soon enough), if everyone, every Iranian at least, considers that factionalism within the opposition is the single most important factor responsible for maintaining the status quo.

Let me shake your hand, and the hand of every secular member of the opposition whether a nationalist, monarchist, leftist, et al.

Massud Alemi


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