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March 16, 2001

Shah was French

I liked your article "Shah or president?" Your opinion about certain facts is logically sound. But, in practice and real life scenario a wonderfully sounding philosophy sometimes cannot be implemented into the social structure of a society due to some basic observations that is in conflict with human nature. Or, environmentally, certain issues must first become habits before they are used purposefully.

Democracy is a learned behavior. You must grow up learning from the small society of the household how to come into consensus with your immediate family members. We, historically, have experienced dictatorships under both the Shah's regime and off course in the recent decades this phenomenon has been intensely exercised.

After the revolution when I started reading more about the social decay of the Iranian society and its key players, starting from the Shah, I realized that the Shah was more of a French fellow than an Iranian.. I don't think he really knew who the Iranian people were. The book byWilliam Shawcross, "The Shah's Last Ride" speaks of that phenomenon.



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