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March 7, 2001

Really got on my nerves

I would like to express my opinion regarding an article that I read today on your website that kind of upset me ["Not going back"]. My name is Niloufar and I am a young Iranian. when I read the article written by an American woman who recently traveled to Iran, I couldn't help getting very frustrated.

She had a lot of good points about the poverty, religion, freedom and the fact that people are not treated equally. However There were some stuff in there that made me extremely angry and upset.

I am not sure what part of Iran she visited but I don't think it is where most of us visit. I was very young when I moved to the U.S. with my parents and I love living herew because there is freedom and I can do what I want to do. However, some of her comments were wrong and I feel like I need to defend my country.

These are some of here comments that really got on my nerves:

"Every body wears black in street. Noone wears make up and paint their nails." I want to let her know that that is not true and women wear more make-up than women here. They all have their eyebrows shaped and have their hair highlighted and it is all out of their rousari. A lot of women are no longer wear the manteau but a long jacket and are very very fashionable. Persian women are more beautiful than ever, even under those rousaris.

She mentioned that there are no clubs, no theaters, no concerts and no movies worth to see. This really pissed me off. First of all I think the movies that are made in Iran are much more meaningful than the movies they make here which is all about sex and violence. She should not insult like that. I want her to name an American movie that has been released lately that was really worth seeing.

She said that there are no clubs. What kind of club is she talking about?If she means dance clubs, she doesn't have to worry about that. People party more than we do here. However they party at each other's house. As far as concerts, there are concerts but not the way we have here. It is "Ahang Sonati" and it might be boring to us that are raised here but not for the people who like that kind of music.

I really think she had a very high expectation when she went to Iran, and seeing NO night clubs, alcohol, sex on TV, and things like that, made her upset.

I want to let her know that I am a very liberal person. I do see a lot of things wrong with Iran but I don't think she should write what most of us know is not true. If you as a reader, visited Iran recently, you know what I mean. We Party, we drink and we dance (in parties), we wear colors and our movies are great.

I hope one day Iran becomes a free country and we can all do what we want to do . But meanwhile , let's not forget all the good things that Iran has to offer and let's not only think negative.

You know, it's funny how she didn't even mention anything about our Internet cafes and bookstores and so many other great things that our young Iranians accomplish with minimal help.

As a young Iranian woman living in the U.S., I am very proud to be Iranian and when I have children I will make sure they are proud of it as well.

San Francisco


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