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March 27, 2001

Money for clothes

This is an article we should have been reading 2-3 years ago ["Growing up"]. For some reason we in the Iranian community think that iranians making money off of other Iranians -- even if by honest means -- is a very bad thing. I've NEVER understood this.

Needless to say, in the past I've had my disagreements with Jahanshah Javid and his editorial policies. But nevertheless he is providing a valuable service that has done a lot to bring together the Iranian diaspora. This is an effort that has turned into a full-time job. So what the hell is wrong with making some money off it?

In the beginning it would have been a bad idea because no one would have signed up and the site would have floundered. But now that it's been built into THE most popular Iranian site on the Internet, I think there is room for maneuvering here.

To begin with, I think that Javid should raise his advertising rates. More marketing is needed. If BMW and Mercedes execs become informed as to the popularity of their cars among Iranians, they will be quick to advertise on the website. And I for one do not mind paying a small yearly subscription fee -- say $10 for the whole year -- to access the site, even though I'm a student.

Ten dollars is NOTHING, especially for what I'm getting out of the site. I doubt most people would mind paying $10 for the whole year. Even if half the people currently using the site agree to it, that's still a lot of money... more than enough to afford some health insurance and even some new clothes.

I propose that Javid conduct a survey on to find out what percentage of people would support that idea.

Nariman Neyshapouri


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