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March 28, 2001

Don't share private life with public

I just read the article about the upcoming changes ["Growing up"]. Sounds interesting. I want your permission to add something more (especially now that I know how old you are!)

I think we all have an inner self with our anger, fears, impatience or other things that are not even always permanent and they come and go. Sometimes exposing that private side to the public might not be that interesting and could damage our image. To me it is like going out into the public with pajamas, even though that's something that almost everybody wears at home.

Also, I can not believe the same person who published "Citizen Pahlavi" makes those remarks to the so-called "bacheh nanehs". Deciding who should be called "bacheh naneh" would require a long discussion. Who is to be blamed; the person or the evironment? Whatever the answer, you are too good to us readers to talk about these kind of things.

I hope I don't have to use a nickname for my next correspondence with!

Faramarz Kaviani


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