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March 7, 2001

I know this feeling

Recent letters rave about "The mirror and the book".
My curiosity is peaked.
I start to read.
A tingly sensation takes over me.
I know this feeling.
I recognize it.
I am familiar with the symptoms that will soon follow.
A lump, the size of a Persian lime in my throat.
The scratching pain in the middle of my chest.
The river of tears.
And the heartache.
The heartbreak.

My vision is blurry.
My emotions-even more stirred.
I can't go back to my story.
Not just yet.
Not before I write a few line, to thank you for your story,
and to thank you for the river of tears that remind that we all belong to
the same mother, Iran
forever patient-holding the mirror and the book.

S. Bahar


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