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March 21, 2001

Deal with today

From those who bringup the issue of monarchy vs. presidency in Iran ["Shah or president?"], I would like to ask what is the real problem here? And what is your point? Good or bad, the Shah and his regime are gone. What happened in 1979 and why it happened, though important to understand, it has already happened. We now have the "Islamic Republic" to deal with.

If you are for fundamental change in Iran, if you are for democracy and freedom, there are a whole range of problems and issues for you to think about, discuss and plan for. I cannot understand, where at all, the issue of monarchy fits. Why even bring it up!

We now live in the 21st century. It has been centuries since many countries discovered democracy and abandoned the old idea of monarchy. We (Iranians) too came to the realization in 1979 that the one-man show should stop. We have also been struggling for democracy and freedom for the past several decades.

I am sure the people of Iran will continue to resist the current regime to its downfall, and then they would want to replace it with something far better. Is going backward, again, something we want to do? Is talking about this or considering it as an option is the best we could do for our future?

Shouldn't we discuss the numerous social, economical and cultural problems that nearly 70 million Iranian are facing every day? Is there anybody offering ways to solve some of these problems? Do we have any grand plan for the future?

Is crowning Reza Pahlavi the best we can come up with? Is it even conceivable? What good will it do anyway (except for him and his associates)? Let's not make the same mistake again and again. Let's have a plan, and this time, for the good of the people.

Hamid K


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