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March 21, 2001

Khaak to saret konan

This is in response to the BS that was published a while ago called "Citizen Pahlavi". Firstly, I would like to bring to the attention of all the readers of and the person who wrote "Citizen Pahlavi" that the only time that Iran and the people of Iran lived a life just as luxurious as any other European family was when the SHAH was in power. It doesn't matter if you are a communist, a mojahed, a democrat, or anything else, as long as you people out there recognize the facts!

Secondly, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to say whether or not a majority of the Iranian people want democracy? Speak for yourself. You have the opinion of one man, you do not represent any other Iranian. The rest of us choose not be ignorant and incompetent like you! We speak for ourselves.

You mentioned that the only reason Iran (Persia) always had a monarchy was because we had no choice. That is a lie. We always had a choice, we just chose not to make that choice for the better of the country and the people. If we had the type of democracy that they have today in the United States then our country would be a JOKE!

And finally, I among other Iranians, consider you a sell out to our country! Obviously you have not been taught the facts. So you can go on and bash Reza Pahlavi (which doesn't matter for me, because he hasn't done anything, so therefore I can't judge him).

But you do not have the right to bash Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the greatest king in our history. Reza Pahlavi doesn't have to apologize for his father's mistakes, because his father never mad any mistakes. The only thing he did wrong was not kill all those mollas that deserve to burn in hell, and their followers, people such as you. That was his only mistake.

And I would like to finish this off by saying something in Farsi, and I hope you understand this but you probably won't because when you sell out on your country, you sell out on the culture and language as well. So I say to you, sir, "Khaak to saret konan, aa-ber-oo-ye Iran-iaa raa bordee..!"



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