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March 26, 2001

Serious problem

The fact that a lot of Iranians introduce themselves as Persians shows how uncomfortable we are with the word Iran or Iranians!

Let's look at this problem from a different point of view. Yes we all know that Iran was the name given by Aryan immigrants who landed there first. And probably that was what made Reza Shah use his retarded brain and stop foreign countries from calling our country Persia. There is nothing wrong with the name Iran itself as it is derived from the word Aryan and we know how some people take pride in being Aryan and of course there are the racists which have the same claim as well.

The problem with the name Iran is that it DOES NOT represent US in the world as it is supposed to. I have done a lot of travelling, specially in Asia and, believe me, the problem is very serious. we are considered Arabs. And it makes me sick.

A lot of them are ignorant and are surprised to know that Iran is not an Arab country. Some of them have this mentality and argue with you about it. Yes believe me they can not accept that Iran is NOT Arab. And they try to tell you what you are! For them, the whole Middle East is Arab, and our country is located there and so we have to pay the price.

Another factor is the similarity between names Iran and Iraq. This makes things a lot worse. When you are asked where you are from you should say Irannnnn otherwise they will hear Iraq and, well, after that the word Saddam is what you hear first!

I wrote an email to the Iranian President regarding this problem. And I sent another email to the Iraqi government, asking them to call their country Babylon and not Iraq. I am not kidding. I did that because I believe there is a serious problem here and this problem is haunting a lot of us and it should be solved. For me, personally, the similarity between of these two names is the worst thing. We are a country with a very ambiguous nationality and this problem should be addressed.

But now the name Persia is representing a mythical country with long history with lots of wonders. But where is Persia? I ask them, nobody knows! Iran was known to the world as Persia until 1935. Persia was the name given to our country by Ancient Greeks and even in the Bible the name is Persia and not Iran.

Now Iran will always be Iran to us Iranians. But it can be known to the world as Persia as it was until 1935. Persia is a land of wonders to the world and Iran is seen as a retarded Arab country with no culture. I ask you which would you like to represent you and your country?

Siya T


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