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March 6, 2001

How? When? Where?

It is so sweet that poor little Reza Pahlavi has a friend who loves him so! Meanwhile the rest of us have to worry about paying the bills ["My friend"].

I basically have no quarrell with the intent of this little sentimental story of an anonymous friend But this guy won't even put his name on a mild essay backing his friend -- do you think he would shed loyal blood for his king?

All I have a problem with is that this guy claims that because Reza Pahlavi is a nice no-playboy guy he somehow can lead us and Iran towards a better future!

Also, I resent anybody trying to tell me that Reza Pahlavi has sacrificed his youth for pursuing democracy in Iran. How? When? Where? Or do we count the worrying that we all do for Iran as sacrifice?

And do please let us know what amount of money he has spent for refugee families or any other cause. It would help us appreciate his generosity. As far as I know, even old royalists agree that the Pahlavis have not been very generous to their old servants and loyal subjects.

Loyal servants of his father such as General Shafeghat passed their last days pennyless and abandoned. With no show of guts and no willingness to spend money, tell us please, oh anoymous loyal friend, how does Mr. Pahlavi expect to endear himself to his most potential constituents?

While I am sure Mr. Pahlavi is a good guy, that is simply not enough. And he has yet to prove that he can be more -- with actions which is what we tired and fed-up Iranians need at this point. If he moves and lives near the border of Iran somewhere then he would win a lot of respect, for example.

And a word of adivse to the author: Next time if you really want to show support for someone don't do it anonymously because that way we cannot tell if you really mean it.

Setareh Sabety


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