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March 6, 2001


I read the article ["Citizen Pahlavi"] and I tell if you are Iranian, you are nothing but vatanforosh.

If you are an Iranian, mention three things the Shah did wrong. If you want to point out that he killed too many communists or fucking religious people, obviously he did not kill enough.

If you are talking about a republican form of government, you are perhaps are referring to some regime like Sadam Hossein's.

If you are a fucking Mojahid, you should repent.

Maybe you forgot what kind of people you are dealing with. These are the same people that sold the country to Eskandar Maghdouni.

If you are living in the U.S and compare Iran to here, you are not even worth these lines. Do yourself a favor and next time when you write, come up with some documents you can back it up with.

If you don't, at least have the decency to say this is your opinion and not that of others. If this was your opinion, you are entitled to it. Otherwise you have no fucking right to speak for other people.



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