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March 14, 2001

Hire a maid

I believe Mr. Baniameri may be better off switching to the other side ["The hell with romance"]! Yes, Siamack, I believe you are better off dating your own kind, MEN. How long have you been in the closet?

I have to give you credit though, proposing on the net that you would like to bond more with men, buying them candy and roses, to pat other men on their back! You have thought about this for a while haven't you!

I would like you to be aware that changing your behavior and perception with respect to women would be easier than proposing to change a national holiday. Let me give you some helpful hints:

1- Carrying mints and laying off the onion/koubideh on your dates. I don't think it is healthy to eat as much chelokabab as you had mentioned anyhow. Might want to watch that cholestrol level.

2- Lesson 101: Shaving!

3- Hire yourself a maid. They are available you know..."you can do it!?!?!" Heck, you could even have her wear a scarf or ask your mommy to send an outfit she used to wear and ask the maid to wear it around the house. It might cost a few more bucks, but I believe you would find it highly enjoyable.

4- Don't ever tell a woman you don't respect her unless you have a mile distance between you and her. For I would hope any self-respecting woman would... I don't believe it is appropriate to use the type of language I am tempted to use in a magazine!

Oh, and just one more thing: Who said women don't discuss politics or lack interest in football?

Mojdeh Safayee


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