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March 16, 2001

Your mother too?

You must be quite lonely to be such an ass regarding women ["The hell with romance"]. It is people like youwho give Iranian men a bad name. You fit the stereotype of the sexist pig that just f*#$%s for selfish pleasure -- oh and reproduction of course.

Sorry, no respectable Iranian woman would carry your child much less inflict it on the earth. Grow up, get a little dignity, and imagine some guy speaking this way about your mother -- or do you think she is a useless reproductive machine as well?

You must be devastated knowing she is not even a good machine considering she had you! Tic-Tacs, toothpaste, floss -- I guess if you had a woman you would know of these products and how to refresh your nasty breath.

An intelligent, attractive, romantic woman
(I bet you have never met one of these -- get a grip and maybe you will have get lucky some day.)


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