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March 22, 2001

Don't be a dictator

Dear Siamack Baniameri,

I don't know how you assumed  that you and people around you are the only definition of Iranians and there isn't any other version of Iranians. I don't want to close my eyes on the reality. I agree that women in Iran are subjected to many humilations. But you have to consider that nowadays Iranian attitude toward women has changed and most Iranins are completely different.

Iranian culture is not perfect but it dosen't mean that you have to critisize everything from moustache to chelokabab. Remember that even here in the United States womae and minorities has been subjected to many prejudices and humilations. Forty years ago in some parts of the U.S., Backs were not allowed to go to White schools.

I don't wear a beard or moustache ["The hell with romance"] but I'd like to know what is wrong with it? It's just because you dont like it? Or it's because some Iranians wear it? Or because nowadays in modern counteries it's not the IN thing to do. Again remember that in the 70's which was an era of protesting for peace and love, wearing a beard and moustache were popoular and cool.

To make a long story short, I hope nobody feels that he /she is the center of the world or the golden standard of culture. Because this way of thinking and criticizing is the first step to dictatorship which is the most important problem that Iranians are faceing -- much more important than onions, chelokabab, and beards.

BP Azar


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