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March 12, 2001

Hee haa!

Was this ["Engage secular Iran"] an opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor? I sure hope so. Otherwise, I can not believe that their journalism has sunk so low.

Oh, now that we have a trigger happy Republican administration, let's get back to Cold War tactics of "helping" those on "our side" in geo-politically "strategic" countries like Iran. Forget about past interventions, however futile they may have turned up; let's intervene some more. It is cowboy time at the White House! Hee haa! Yahoo!

The best thing any American government has done for Iran since World War II was to apologize for their little coup against Mossadegh -- the coup that paved the way in many regards for the present theocratic rule.

For Rob Sobhani (was he the Republican candidate for the senate race in Maryland? The one whose slogan was "America for Americans?") to want the U.S. to intervene in the old, blatant, Cold War fashion in Iran's affairs is not only anachronistic but down right wrong. Not even Republican strategists think this way anymore -- far less someone with the remains of an Iranian name.

While many of us do want a change to a secular government in Iran we do not want to go back to the days of American intervention in our country's affairs.

Setareh Sabety


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