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March 13, 2001

Hee haa!

In his article ["America, welcome"], Ron Wurzer managed to rehash all the usual complaints and stereotypes about Iran and Iranians:

-- "This was the country that held Americans hostage..."
-- "This was the country that calls America the Great Satan..."
-- "This was the country that the U.S. government says sponsors international terrorism..."
-- "This was the country that issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie..."

So on and so forth. I am surprised that he didn't mention the bit about "weapons of mass destruction" and "opposed to the Middle East peace process". must have forgotten those. My god, he sounds like Madeleine Albright.

Generally, when one writes (or attempts to write) an introspective article about one's experiences in Iran, these issues relating to politics are irrelevant. I cannot for the life of me understand why he feels the need to mention them. He wants to report about the Iranian people and Iranian society and how he was treated in iran. That's solely what he should have written about.

If he's going to bother to bring politics into it, then how 'bout also mentioning the killing of 294 innocent Iranian civilians by the United States Navy 12 yrs ago? or perhaps the attempt by american politicians in the clutches of a fascist israeli lobby to starve iran and her people by imposing sanctions, and then attempting to prevent all other countries from investing in iran also??

the point is, i've lived in america all my life. as an iranian-american, i can tell you one thing for sure: despite the "hundreds of thousands" you saw chanting anti-american slogans in tehran, i guarantee you the level of anti-iranian animosity among american politicians and the american public still far exceeds the sum total of anti-american sentiment in iran.

Nariman Neyshapouri


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