January 2005
January 5

Clever Brits

In response to Saeed's "Victimns of superstition"

Dear Saeed,

Thanks for your comments.  It's very difficult to convince a nation of good-hearted people that their revolution was nothing more than a clever manipulation by the same powers that pulled the same trick on them a few decades earlier, in a different way. The reason Shah had to go was he did not want to renew the Consortium Contract with the British in 1974. All the other reasons have been given by other Iranians in a mile long articles here and there and no space to repeat them here.

We are all very busy, but if you get some free time please read some of my articles.

What I am trying to convince people is that we Iranians should not be so self-assured that "we" were the one who brought this fanatic group to rule us, we were just instruments of deception, we fed the frenzy. I think your father was very correct and so was mine, but not many wanted to listen to them.

Then British in 70's cleverly supported a stupid novel by an old Anglophone, Pezeshkzad to come up with the slogan of Daee-jaan-Napelone, and since then Iranians were hesitant to blame the British for what happened since other Iranians would make fun of them of being like Daee Jaan. Well, not me and not many of us. But British substantially supported that book, helped with the TV series and still push that book in Iranian Media in full force. But think about this, how much do you hear about Amir Kabir -the greatest man in our entire history since Cyrus the Great. Amir Kabir was the true Persian; he despised the Russian and the British interferences in Iranian affairs and look what finally happened to him. You will read about him in some of my articles.

The dark days of Iran started from the time of assassination of Amir Kabir not arrival of Reza Shah or Khomeini. When Amir Kabir was gone, we started the fall in the vortex of backhandedness from political point of view. We received one more chance very briefly and that at the time of Dr. Mossadegh, a brief window of freedom which was shut so fast by the British master spy Monty and a peddler CIA operative Kim Roosevelt. Read about it in my article TWINKLE...

To comment about your perspective that the British were better off at the time of the Shah, well not really. You see Iranians are very smart people and extremely adaptive. They were getting ready to become an industrial nation and gradually ask for more freedom and presence in the civilized world. Yet Iran is sitting on a diminishing commodity called OIL, this fact is nothing new, the West has been fully aware of this diminishing lifeline of industry since the day they found out about the abundance of the resources in the Middle East, that is why they pulled all the geographical gimmicks of creating all these artificial states, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and you name it. Divide and Conquer as you heard. 

The British are far better off in today's Iran and the Middle East that they were a few decades ago. Today they have given us the tool of self-destruction, the pro-Arab-backward-religious-regime that spends more time executing young girls or potty training than focusing on National interest of Iran. They do not believe in Iran, since Islam has no border!

Since 1979 The British cleverly made the Americans forced out of the scenes for more than a quarter of century and dominated the affairs in Iran. Their embassy fully operational, their Prince coming to Iran and fully supportive of the corrupt regime and helping Iran to identify and silence adversaries overseas!!What the British and U.S. government wanted out of the miserable outcome of the current Religious Infestation in Iran and the rest of the region was the full control of the OIL FLOW. The number one concern of the West is China. Somehow they had to take over the control of the oil or China would have taken over so fast. And guess so far who won? The West. Now the oil wells are under control, from Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, all peaceful and all silent and anyone wants to interfere, well they have plenty of replacements for the corrupt regimes of the region.

So finally, our problem is lack of awareness, we make fun of each other and out TVs (I only hear from friends) are in constant was with each other! That is what our enemies want. And when they want to invite a symbol of defiance against the Islamic Regime who was invited by agencies associated with the US Government and the VOA? Well they invited the grandson of Ayatollah Khoemini. How low can we get that the put red carpet for a little brazen grandson of ayatollah and ignore all the true nationalist and true valiant Persians that can found all over the world to speak against the Arab Invasion of Iran, second time around.

Next time anyone compared your comments about the British with sarcasm, I think you and I need to tell them to go and read some books on history rather than relying on cheap novels.  Our silence is our strongest enemy. And as for the current US and the British policies in the Middle East, it will eventually backfire because of deteriorating economic situations in the US as well as strengthening economies of China and India. The game of military interferences and gunboat diplomacy is nothing new, but in a long run it will have to stop.

Farrokh Ashtiani

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