January 2005
January 5

Time to acknowledge the positive

In response to Reza Bayegan's "Immortal trinity":

I read Mr. Bayegan's article on his reflections about the importance of restoring the monarchy in the Constitutional form with interest.

In my opinion Mr. Bayegans writing contrasts with many other Iranian Royalists in that he maintains an objective look on the past. I also saw the French documentary on the Shah called "Le Shah: Un Homme a Abbattre" . The documentary had the credit of being truly objective in that it did not try to minimize any shortcomings of the Pahlavi Regime such as the Corruption or the abuses of the SAVAK.

However it also tried to analyse truly and faithfully the accomplishments of the Pahlavi Dynasty in terms of promoting the role of the Woman in society, the fact that the Shah was trying to bring Iran to the same level of progress as in the countries of his  western Allies and Iran's foreign policy was also shown from a more broader and positive perspective in that the Shah was not a mere puppet of the United States.

The recuperation of the Tunb and Abu Moussa Islands was critisized by the US officially however unofficially the Nixon administration was to approve the Shah's military initiative. The Shah's role in bringing Egypt in the Western Camp with a rare friendship he developed with Anwar El Sadat was determinent in leading Egypt to the Peace Table which was held in Camp David. 

As for the role of Empress Farah the documentary was extremly in favor of the former Empress' positive role and sense of responsability towards her countrymen and woman.

If the Monarchy can play a constructive role in Iran again combined with the necessary and unnegotiable right to self determination, the respect of Human Rights and a fully Democratic system of government where the King reigns but does not rule, then maybe Iran will and Iranians may indeed find the joys of self esteem and an Identity which they have been deprived from for the past 25 years. This is in the interest of Iran's Islamic heritage as well for it would put an end to the inquisitory shape of the current Islamic regime by sending the mullahs and faith in Islam where they belong that is the Mosque or the private circle of personal faith.

Mr. Bayegan you will probably have fellow compatriots who will critisize your views particularly our Republican friends on this website, but I believe you have indeed broken a Taboo by suggesting the need the Iranian monarchy as a cement that will keep our nation together. The Time has come to acknowledge the positive and good things done for our country by the former Shah and at the same Time conclude on the fact, that Iranian monarchists (and there are many) have understood the mistakes of the past and are willing to propose a Democratic alternative to the current theocracy. The Crown Prince Reza is doing his share of work to unite the opposition, we should do our share to extend a hand to Iranian Democrats who want to see a brighter future for their country.

Talking to a fellow Republican and Mossadegi, I said it is Time for the monarchists to acknowledge the Coup of 1953 even if it is hard to swallow, and that Mossadegis or Iranian Nationalists and Republicans need to stop seeing in Reza Pahlavi a future or potential dictator. Probably that way we would do some progress and a great leap forward in order of focusing on the ressurection of Iran towards a Democratic and Secular form of government.

Maybe the Crown can serve as the cement of our National Identity and less as the symbol of Tyranny and the power of one Man.It would be as symbolic as our Flag.  Since Juan Carlos is a role model to Reza Pahlavi, it should be noted that in Spain the King swore upon the Crown to respect the Constitution and he was not Crowned  . If Iranians freely decide to  restoret he Monarchy maybe the same can be done in order to avoid useless expenses, even if I personally like the idea of pomp and Circumstance as is the case with the British Royalty.

On a final note, If you allow me a small criticism of the Crown Prince, it is of his rhetoric. He should not only call upon the minds and logic of our compatriots but he should call upon the hearts also. He tends to be very logical which is to his credit, but a Great French statesman the late General De Gaulle said: "When France is sick, talk to the Frenchmen and French woman of FRANCE".

in otherwords tell them what is important for their country beyond political rivalrys and show them what is good and great about their country. The Crown Prince should do the same.

Mr. Bayegan, congradulations once again for your thought provoking article


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